Mask Diffuser




Suitable for when wearing a mask. It is light, easy to carry, and will not increase the burden when wearing a mask. It continues to diffuse scent throughout the whole day.

–Life is just as usual, but our choice of scent for life can be different–

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擴香口罩扣上的花圖案,我們都很想跟大家分享一下,這花是鈴蘭,又名「谷中百合」。在聖經雅歌二章1-2節上帝將自己比喻為「谷中的百合花」(the lily of the valley)。這句話是上帝留給正在經歷生命幽谷中的人,鼓勵受傷、疲憊、失望者重新得力、繼續前行,為他們帶來希望。

而「ScentLadder」這品牌名字,亦是來自鈴蘭的另一別名「Ladder to Heaven」,因為這花的香氣就如一道天梯,直達天堂。



We want to share with you the flower pattern on the mask diffuser. This flower is called “lily of the valley”. In the Bible Song of Songs 2:1-2, God compares himself to “the lily of the valley”. This sentence is left by God to those who are experiencing the valley of life, to encourage people who are injured, exhausted, and disappointed to regain their strength and move on as well as bring them hope.

The brand name “ScentLadder” is also named after another alias “Ladder to Heaven” from the lily of the valley, because the fragrance of this flower is like a ladder to heaven.

Our mask diffuser set includes:
1 mask diffuser, 10 spare cotton cores for mask diffuser, 1 2ml dropper, 2 spare super magnets

Mask diffuser diameter: 12mm