Wake Up & Focus


我們ScentLadder特意為這兩類不專注的小朋友調配了兩個不同的配方,〈Wake up & Focus〉的對象是學習散漫和較易發呆的同學,而〈Calm down & Focus〉則是給因活躍和興奮而不專心的同學。

How to use essential oil to improve children’s ability to focus?
There are a lot of essential oil blends in the market which claim that they can help children focus on learning, but a closer look at the ingredients reveals a very interesting fallacy. Most of the essential oil blends that claim to improve concentration are aimed at children who are more active, in order to calm them down a little. But imagine that in a class, there is only one third of students are more active, and the other students who do not concentrate on class are in vain because of boredom. Most of these children cannot be motivated to learn and are undisciplined if they continue to use those essential oil blends that claim to promote concentration in the market. They may even fall asleep more quickly. How should we help such children?
ScentLadder specially formulated two different essential oil blends for these two types of unfocused children. “Wake up & Focus” is for students who are loose and daze, while “Calm down & Focus” is for active and unfocused students.

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It is designed for daze and unmotivated children.
By stimulating the frequency of the brain, daze and unmotivated children become sober and focused to learn.
Ingredients: Bergamot, grapefruit, sweet orange, mint, cedar
Scent characteristics: fresh and sweet
Efficacy: refreshing, uplifting, focus on learning