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不論在Office或是Work from Home,我們在工作期間都不其然充滿了各種騷擾。而透過不同形式的小改善我們可以令到工作時變得更有效率。改善氣味便是其中一種形式。
為此我們特別設計了Work & Study,希望幫助大家提振精神丶放鬆心情和專注工作!
產品特別適合在午飯後使用。因工作了半天,再加上午飯後大量血液離開腦部走進胃部幫助消化,在身心俱疲之下需要一點生活的助燃劑,讓我們提起精神繼續工作,這個時候除了咖啡,Work & Study 正可幫助你們。

Various scientific research reports have pointed out that smell has a very positive effect on work efficiency.
Whether in Office or Work from Home, there are inevitably a lot of disturbances during work. And through different forms of small improvements, we can make our work more efficient. Improving smell is one of the forms.
To improve smell, we specially designed Work & Study, hoping to help you boost your spirits, relax and focus at your workplace!
The product is especially suitable for use after lunch. After working for a long time, plus a large amount of blood leaving the brain and going into the stomach to help digestion after the morning meal, we need a little fuel for life when we are physically and mentally exhausted. Let us uplift our spirits and continue to work. At this time, apart from coffee, Work & Study can help you.

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It is designed for tired and stressed urbanites.
Use essential oils to refresh urbanites, relax, calm down and focus on work, allowing you to work more efficiently in the office.
Ingredients: vetiver, cypress, bergamot, lemongrass, orange, lemon, ginger and mint
Scent characteristics: warm ginger and fruity aroma
Efficacy: refreshing, relax and calm, improving work efficiency