Rose Harmony



除主要成份玫瑰精油,Rose Harmony內含的其他精油大部分都含有玫瑰氣息,在香氣和功效上與玫瑰精油相輔相乘,更有效減少分泌壓力荷爾蒙和平衡腎上腺素,改善皮質醇偏高的壓力情況,撫平不安全感而引發的焦慮情緒。

The intoxicating fragrance of rose essential oil is derived from its more than 55% monoterpenols. These aromatic molecules not only give it a pleasant aroma, but also help to calm our mood, so that the overactive neurosympathetic activity is deactivated, resulting in a relaxing effect. Besides, rose essential oil significantly reduce symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. It greatly relieves anxiety and makes you feel good, so it is widely loved by ladies.

In addition to the main ingredient, most of the other essential oils contained in Rose Harmony essential oil blend also has the scent of roses, which complements rose essential oil in aroma and efficacy, and is more effective in reducing the secretion of stress hormones, balancing adrenaline level, and improving cortisol levels. It helps in Stressful situations, can reduce anxiety caused by insecurities.

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針對焦慮不安、情緒波動的朋友。Rose Harmony 精油幫助平衡腎上腺素,減少皮質醇偏高的受壓狀況,維持美好心情

It is suitable for people who are always anxious and emotional.
Rose Harmony essential oil blend helps balance adrenaline level. It reduces stress due to high cortisol, hence helps you to maintain a good mood.
Ingredients: Bulgarian Rose, Rose Geranium, Palmarosa, Rosewood, Bay Laurel
Scent characteristics: A bunch of elegant roses
Efficacy: relieves anxiety, depression and stress