Agarwood (Oud) Oil Giftset (With Metal Box)

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越南老惠安沉香 X 中國海南沉香 複方精油



在聖經也有好幾處有關沉香的記載 –
民數記 24章6節:雅各伯,你的帳幕何其壯觀! 以色列,你的居所何其美好!如擴展的棕林,似河畔的花園,似上主栽種的沉香…

沉香油不但能夠放鬆安眠、增強免疫能力、鎮痛鎮靜 ,還能夠降血壓及腦壓、強化五臟 。這就是它價值連城的原因!


Agarwood essential oil blend from Vietnam and Hainan

Have you ever heard of Agarwood?

You may occasionally hear in the news that someone chopped up the priceless agarwood tree in Hong Kong and smuggled it back to the mainland, but we actually don’t know what makes agarwood so precious.

There are also several records about agarwood in the Bible –
Numbers 24:6: As the valleys are they spread forth, as gardens by the river’s side, as the trees of lign aloes (ancient name of agarwood) which the LORD hath planted, and as cedar trees beside the waters.
It is the phrase “the trees of lign aloes (ancient name of agarwood) which the LORD hath planted” that attracted us to study agarwood oil, and when we delved deeper into it, we found that the function and simplicity of agarwood oil exceeded our imagination.

Agarwood oil can not only relax sleep, enhance immunity, relieve pain and calm, but also lower blood pressure and brain pressure, and strengthen the major internal organs. That’s why it’s invaluable!

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成分: 越南老惠安沉香 X 中國海南沉香 複方精油








沉香的香氣是平撫抑鬱的 要藥,能調理中樞神經, 清除精神紊亂,平衡情緒 ,使人容易入睡。


肺臟(舒緩肺結核、氣喘) 腎臟(補腎、利尿、壯陽) 肝臟(預防肝炎、肝腫大) 胃臟(預防胃潰瘍、胃炎) 腸臟(預防便袐)



This product uses the ancient method of firewood to extract agarwood essence at high temperature, which is rare and precious, and has a soft medicinal fragrance. The essential oil has been diluted and can be applied directly to the wrists, back of the ears and forehead using the roll-on bottle.

Ingredients: Agarwood essential oil blend from Vietnam and Hainan
Scent characteristics: warm and woody

Boost Immunity – Agarwood oil kills and resists pathogenic microorganisms, thus strengthen immunity of the body.

Analgesic – Agarwood oil reduces inflammation and relieves all types of pain. It also relaxes muscle tissues and reliefs muscle cramps.

Anti-hypertensive – Inhale agarwood oil may decrease and stabilize human body blood pressure, as well as strengthen the heart function.

Calming – The all-natural unique essence is in a position to calm one’s active mind effectively, for that reason bringing inner peace to those that are searching for spiritual and healing.

Boost Internal Organ Functions – lung (relieves chest tightness, asthma), kidney (strengthens the kidney functions), liver (detoxification), stomach (aids digestion of food), colon (prevents constipation)