Sweet Dream


其實睡覺是一件極個人化的事情,有人喜歡濃濃花香陪他入睡(好似是我們之前推出的Deep Sleep),也有人喜歡淡淡清香,淸甜地讓他進睡。所以在第二季我們設計了以菊花和白提子清香為主體的Sweet Dream,如果喜歡淡淡花香的朋友,絕對需要試試。

In fact, sleeping is a very personal thing. Some people like the strong fragrance of flowers to accompany him to sleep (like the Deep Sleep we launched before), and some like the light fragrance, which makes him fall asleep peacefully. So in the second season we designed Sweet Dream with the fragrance of chrysanthemum and white raisin as the main body. If you like a light floral fragrance, you definitely need to try it.

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It is designed for insomnia and adults who like light fragrance
Use essential oils to relax stress, improve mood, increase happiness and resist depression, so that you can sleep in a good mood and have a holiday.
Ingredients: Roman Chamomile, Palmarosa, Bergamot, Patchouli, Lemon, Tagetes, Jojoba Oil
Scent characteristics: faint smell of chrysanthemum and white grapes
Efficacy: relax emotions, increase happiness, make people sleep well